6 steps to Get Hired Quicker!

  1. Treat the act of getting hired like a full-time job?

Wake up every morning at 7:00 AM. Groom yourself, get dressed, and eat a healthy breakfast.  Turn off the television, turn off the social media for leisure use, and begin your day with a list of prospective companies that you would like to research, and submit your resume or application to.

  1. Imagine that you are the HR Recruiter or Hiring Manager receiving your resume and application.


Update your resume and have your resume correspond to the job that you are applying for.  Far too often, job seekers send outdated resumes, or resumes that do not pertain to the job that you are applying for. Imagine that you are the hiring manager receiving a resume or application from an applicant that doesn’t list the skills or experience that pertains to their hiring need.  How would you respond?  Would you call that job seeker?


  1. Get out and visit potential employers

Get away from your laptop computer, visit your potential employers, shake a hand or two, even if you only visit with the Front Desk receptionist you will be surprised as to how much insight and information you will receive on the quickest way to get hired, the right person to e-mail your resume to, and what it is like working for a particular company.

Submitting applications online does not always ensure a quick path to securing that new job. Take a drive around your city, take note of small, midsized, and major companies.  Although we are in the 21st Century not all companies have an online presence or online application process.


  1. Networking is the Gateway to your new job!

Get away from the computer as your only means of job search. Network with similar professionals within the same industry, join professional trade organizations, visit the local unemployment office and get registered as an active job seeker, research non-profit career assistance organizations, and sign up with the career center of your former college or university.


  1. Don’t apply in silence


Spread the word with Friends, family, colleagues, religious institution members, classmates, neighbors, and others that you are looking for your next career opportunity.  Verbally summarize your skills, abilities, experience, and education, and the type of career opportunity that you are seeking in 60 seconds or less.  Don’t overextend or overstate, but be fair, honest, and praiseworthy of your accomplishments.


  1. Ensure that you registered with Staff 4 Houston.  Apply online and submit your application. Visit our website often to see updated job openings.  Interview with our Recruiting team!

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