The 5-S Strategy of Getting Everything You Want in the Workplace

Employers and Employees alike all desire to have a winning strategy in the workplace?  Each day you must set your sights on achieving the professional goals that you have established for yourself, your team, and the company. Read below for easy strategies to implement TODAY!

Stay Positive– Sometimes it’s easy to fall victim to loom and gloom, self-doubt or pity.  However thinking positive thoughts, and replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts could yield a triumphant outcome to almost any situation.  Staying positive will push you to critically think beyond your limits, think outside the box, and solve unique challenges.

Surround yourself with positive people– Often times you will find individuals in the workplace that are negative, discouraging, demotivating, and looking for partners to join them in the pity party.  Don’t do it.  In fact when you see them coming say something positive to offset any negative comment they will attempt to spew your way.

Speak positively– Speaking positive language is synonymous with the phrase of speaking life into everything that you that you touch.  Use positive affirmations, positive comments, feedback and suggestions, find something positive to include when offering a constructive critical opinion to your colleagues.

Smile as much as you can- It’s therapeutic.  Smiling is contagious.   Have you ever smiled at someone that was frowning and instantly like a light bulb is switched on the person automatically turns their frown upside down into a beautiful smile.  Smiling creates endorphins that positively impact your whole mind, body, and spirit.  Smile when you are speaking on the phone to customers, it will automatically change your mood and tone even during a difficult conversation.

Stay connected with yourself and the world around you– Whether you are working alone or in a team environment check in with yourself and the world around you.   Staying connected with oneself can be achieved by being aware of your emotional state.  Staying connected with the world around you means being aware of other’s emotional changes and being supportively reactionary when acknowledging their emotional changes.  Some define it as having emotional intelligence.

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